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Yes, we offer jobs, but even before that, given our need for various professional roles, we make it a priority to conduct a selection interview with our candidate. This helps us assess their suitability first and their abilities soon after. This allows us to better guide both internal and external training courses to shape the skills of the person in whom we invest time, aiming to bring out their best version. Often, we even awaken the dormant potential within them.

I come from the audit company world. I dislike the concept of an “employee” – the term itself suggests “a person dependent on… someone/something”. I prefer “collaborator” which conveys “a person who works with… for a better outcome/to do more efficiently/to share efforts and multiply results”. Over time, this collaborator can evolve into a “Guide” and “Business Partner”.

It’s evident that we nurture an entrepreneurial mindset where everyone thinks of themselves as entrepreneurs. There are no age, educational, geographical, or gender boundaries. What truly matters is an individual’s hunger for success, a challenge against life, past negative experiences, or merely the desire for a job change. Statistics show that nearly 90% of people work because they have to, not because they want to. Many are stuck in jobs with no career progression, personal recognition, or potential for higher earnings. Consider a mother who had to choose between keeping her job and caring for her child. Nowadays, a single income is insufficient for a family in Italy, where salaries haven’t risen in over 30 years.

Thus, we welcome applications for secondary (Plan B), part-time, and full-time roles. We screen and evaluate these to provide the best training and employment direction. We are not mere trainers pushing motivation for personal growth. We groom collaborators with a professional focus, ready for immediate employment, even if it’s just a Plan B, starting with 1 to 1.5 hours daily. The idea isn’t “…Forget what you’ve done till now, because from today you’ll have only this…!” Absolutely not! Today, it’s essential to have multiple income streams, adding another arrow to your quiver of businesses/income sources.

We seek and nurture individuals to think and act positively, conquering the chronic pessimism that dwells in many minds plagued by incessant complaining. We’re not merely about prospective operations; we initiate a gradual yet immediate work journey.

The professional roles we are selecting for include:

  • Sales Consultant by appointment (B2C retail market)
  • Guide/Team Leader aspiring to create and manage their own sales network, even desiring to manage human resources and thus a portfolio, enhancing production and earnings (B2C retail market);
  • Professional Corporate Consultant for savings and tax planning, part of the Power Team Consultation (B2B business market).

If you’re keen on seizing an opportunity to make a significant change, to control your time and hence your life, joining us during a pivotal time (everything happening on the global stage benefits us), and re-experiencing market booms we’ve previously enjoyed in a risk-free, investment-free global business – we’ll provide the market, product/service, and business system. But the difference will be made by you… Yes, I’m talking to you reading this.

Simply fill in the coupon below with your personal details and contact information (WhatsApp and email), and we will get back to you.

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