Who I am

Roberto Pugno

  • 24K Gold Professional Consultant
  • Tax Savings Specialist
  • Business Consultancy Entrepreneur

Fields of specialization

  • Physical pure gold market
  • Asset diversification
  • Tax savings for businesses
  • Human resource management


My name is Roberto Pugno, and I am a native of the Monferrato hills in Piedmont. I am married and have a daughter.

I studied Accountancy, and while I was already working having won a local competition, I obtained a degree in computer science. After 6 years, I transitioned from public service to the private sector (much to my parents’ regret). I first worked in a bank, and then moved on to become a manager for an audit firm that provided consultancy to large companies and banks. This experience allowed me to understand the banking world from every angle and to grasp the dynamics of both savings and finance, so much so that I fell in love with it.

Having always had a strong passion for financial applications and an entrepreneurial mindset, I felt constrained in any permanent position, even if it was excellent. Therefore, I founded a company that served as both a software house and a business consultancy, focusing on the development of management and financial applications. For several years, I worked both in Italy and abroad (for Italian clients), customising these applications to meet the specific demands of each client.

What am I involved in

My professional and communicative approach drives me to prioritize relationships with entrepreneurs. Being deeply acquainted with the challenges they face within the current tax system, I am always keen to devise solutions, drawing from my experience in large corporations, and applying them to benefit SMEs. My aim is to yield financial and fiscal advantages for these entrepreneurs, picking up from where their accountants leave off.

For many years, I have been involved in the Protection and Safeguarding of Savings, extensively using safe-haven assets: 999.9 pure physical gold. My primary focus is on entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals, as I believe they represent the most vulnerable link in our current system.

I am a manager at a Metal Bank authorized by the Bank of Italy. I focus intently on each individual, designing a bespoke savings plan for them – a “tailor-made” strategy, based on their business attributes, the economic conditions they’re navigating, and their saving potential. This ensures protection for their future against the uncertainties of the modern monetary system and the current pension scheme.

For businesses, I recommend saving and protection solutions that safeguard both corporate and personal assets. This might involve suggesting planning techniques and solutions for companies that are doing well and also for those that might be struggling. However, always in a fiscally unassailable manner.

I can provide answers to those who already have capital or funds but feel that where they currently hold them offers neither security nor appreciation. These individuals may be looking to diversify into other assets. Similarly, I can also offer solutions for those who don’t yet have capital but wish to build it over time with systematic small amounts. The aim is always to shift away from “paper money” in the monetary system and migrate to non-inflationary assets, as they are limited and not infinite like “paper money.” These assets have the following characteristics:

  • Tangible (you hold it in your hands, and it’s yours, a fact that’s not true for money in the bank, see Art. 1834 of the Civil Code).
  • Movable and transportable (you can take your certified “good delivery” ingots and go wherever you like, as pure physical gold is a global currency).
  • Monetisable (if you need money at any given time, you can liquidate it at one of the best prices in Europe. There’s no longer a guaranteed capital product or a low-risk product that isn’t time-bound).

No other valuable commodity (like 18k gold, silver, diamonds, copper, etc.) possesses these characteristics. Moreover, they are VAT-free and tax-free both on purchase and possession, and they don’t need to be reported in the ISEE (an indicator of economic situation in Italy).

I can offer those interested a comprehensive 360° service, thanks to a Metal Bank that has sought to be unique in the gold market. This approach allows everyone – essentially democratising gold – to create their personal gold reserve to secure a stable future for themselves and their families. Instead of just directing people to a website or an e-commerce platform, allowing them to select a gold ingot, add it to their basket, proceed to payment, and have it delivered to their home (as if it were a pair of shoes), I take a more professional and personalised approach. I allocate time, meet with the entrepreneur and/or the family, understand their needs, and craft a bespoke savings plan tailored for them. This tailored plan will accompany them over time, adapting to their changing needs, ensuring they have a personal savings strategy rather than just engaging in sporadic standalone transactions.

Over the years, I have consistently honed my professional expertise, both in terms of technical knowledge and communication skills. I’ve embraced new soft skills and delved into neuromarketing to further enhance and implement human resource management techniques, which are essential when working in a team setting.