diversificazione portafoglio: Risparmiare

As we’ve previously emphasized, physical pure gold is a reserve of value, a tangible asset destined to grow over time. It’s akin to what real estate has been for us Italians for many decades. We Italians, leading in Europe with over 85% homeownership, have thrived in this sector. Gold is not a product for quick trading like buying today and selling next week; that’s speculation. The “Saver” is a well-defined category not dedicated to these practices. The traditional saver is more like an ant, saving bit by bit for the winter, a time when they won’t gather anything anymore. In this analogy, winter represents retirement or non-working age when one has to live off a pension, and inevitably, their living standard will drop drastically. If they haven’t created a savings fund, their quality of life will take a massive hit.

This small/medium-sized saver category is what I’m most passionate about, not the exclusive group of the ultra-rich. This saver doesn’t need to have a pre-existing capital; they just need the desire to gradually build and increase their savings in a global currency that doesn’t depreciate, like the dollar, euro, ruble, yuan, etc. Over time, the value of gold will appreciate, protecting them from inflation and deflation. Furthermore, by consistently investing small amounts over time, they can benefit from the average price effect (technically called cost-averaging). This principle applies to other everyday situations as well, like fueling our vehicles, where paying a fixed amount every time can result in getting more fuel over time than always buying a fixed volume.

Given these considerations, I pay special attention to this type of saver. I offer solutions suitable for everyone, regardless of their family’s economic situation or their saving capacity. I can help them start saving even small amounts. Today’s savings market scoffs at small contributions, but I see this as democratizing gold. Everyone can participate, not just the affluent. There’s no need for significant initial capital; one can build it over time. I refuse to accept objections like “I don’t have the money” or “I can’t afford it.” We’re talking about the cost of daily coffee and a pastry, a daily drink, or smoking five fewer cigarettes per day.

In this approach, we’ve found answers to the four common questions people often ask:

  1. “I don’t know much about this, and with all the scams going on… Look at what happened with diamonds even when sold in banks!”
  2. “It’s a great idea, but I don’t know where to buy it. From gold shops? Doesn’t seem right!”
  3. “How do I store it over time? One small bar might be fine, but if I buy regularly, under the mattress doesn’t seem safe!”
  4. “If I need money one day, where do I sell it? And at what conditions?”

Most often, people conclude with: “It sounds good, but it’s too complicated. Maybe it’s better just to stick with the bank or post office.” This happens mainly due to a lack of information.

However, I now offer a comprehensive solution:

  1. I’m a trained professional authorized by the police department, ready to meet and explain everything in detail, tailoring a savings plan based on your actual capacity.
  2. I’ll offer only certified 24k LBMA pure gold, with all Good Delivery qualifications and RJC certifications for ethical gold.
  3. I’ll suggest a recurrent purchase plan, allowing you to build your gold reserve bit by bit, stored securely (only in Italy, never abroad), insured 100% by the best global insurance partners. If you prefer to have it delivered, it will be transported securely to your doorstep.
  4. If you need to liquidate your gold in the future, a simple communication with our customer service will get you a special quotation. Once confirmed, the money will be transferred to your account at one of the best prices in Europe.

This service is top-notch for the entire duration of your plan, with you determining its length based on your chosen goal.

I genuinely believe that in the upcoming years, every Italian family should, and I’d say must, have a recurrent purchase plan. This strategy mirrors what central banks and governments worldwide do: supporting their rating and credibility by increasing their physical gold reserves. By doing so, families can ensure a secure future for themselves and their offspring. The goal is not just to not depend on their children in their old age but also to support them in establishing a family, starting a business, attending university, etc.

In conclusion:

Think about it, regardless of the method, saving is beneficial for you, right?

Do you agree that saving is the primary form of earnings?

Are you aware that money without goals is just paper?

If you’ve answered YES to all these questions, you’re my ideal customer.