diversificazione portafoglio: Investire

The translation of the provided Italian text into English is:

“An ideal product for those who prefer a short-term perspective and already have a sizable available capital and no longer want to hold it in a bank or in some other paper product that no longer offers any security and appreciation, often not even having availability of it. I recommend a one-time and immediate purchase, always in 100 gram blistered ingots with LMBA’s Kinegram certifications and RJC certifications, either with a simple purchase and collection of gold to manage it privately or with the possibility of separately acquiring “The services” at the cost of 1.5% of the average annual price of the deposited gold, such as:

  • Storage in a maximum security vault/security house;
  • 100% insurance from the best global insurance partners;
  • Periodic checks of the gold deposited in the customer’s name;
  • Partial or total repurchase agreement at one of the best prices in Europe, so if money is needed, no problem: in a few days my client will have the money in their bank account. However, in the savings market, there is no product, even at low risk, where the capital is fully unbound; everything has an expiration date, and if you liquidate it early, you’ll face early redemption penalties.


But let’s think about it beyond any modality, in the end, saving for you is positive, right? Do you agree with me that Saving is the primary form of earning? Are you aware that money without goals is just paper? If you answered YES to all 3 questions, you are my ideal client!”