mappa oro nel mondo

Gold. A word that evokes images of wealth, power, and beauty. From the time ancient civilizations discovered this precious metal, humanity has been captivated by its shine and value. But how much gold is actually in the world? In this article, we will explore the amount of gold that exists, where it is located, and how it’s used.

History of Gold’s Allure

Before diving into the numbers, we need to understand why gold has always held such high value. Gold is rare but also malleable, non-corrosive, and doesn’t react with most chemicals. These properties made it the ideal material for creating jewelry and coins since ancient times.

How Much Gold Has Been Mined in History?

It is estimated that about 190,000 tons of gold have been mined to date. This figure might sound vast, but if all were melted down, it would form a cube only 21 meters on each side.

Major Sources of Gold

Gold is mined from sites all over the world, with South Africa, Australia, and Russia being primary producers. These countries have vast gold deposits and a mining history dating back centuries.

Unmined Gold

It is believed there are still about 57,000 tons of gold yet to be mined from the Earth’s crust. However, due to escalating extraction difficulties and costs, not all this gold will ever see the light of day.

Gold’s Uses Worldwide

Though gold is primarily known as an investment and material for jewelry, it has many other applications. Gold is used in dentistry, electronics, and even in spacecraft due to its excellent conductive properties.

Gold as a Store of Value

Many countries accumulate gold as part of their currency reserves. It offers a form of protection against inflation and financial crises.

Gold in the Sea

Surprisingly, the world’s oceans contain vast amounts of diluted gold. It’s estimated that there are up to 10 billion tons of gold in our oceans. However, the concentration is so low that it isn’t economically feasible to extract it.

Gold in Space

Asteroids and other celestial bodies contain significant amounts of gold. While the idea of mining gold in space might seem like science fiction now, it may become a reality in the distant future.

Recycled Gold

A significant portion of circulating gold comes from recycling. Ancient jewelry, coins, and other gold items are melted down and reused, helping meet global demand.

Future of Gold

With rising demand and increasing difficulties in extracting new gold, this precious metal’s future looks bright. Investors will continue to view it as a safe haven, and new technologies might unlock innovative methods of extraction and use.


The question “How much gold is there in the world?” has multiple answers. While we’ve mined a significant amount of gold throughout history, much still lies dormant beneath the Earth’s surface, in the oceans, and even in space. This precious metal has served as a symbol of wealth and power for millennia, and given its growing demand and limited resources, it’s likely to continue doing so for many years to come.