Invest, save, and protect with gold.

Rely on my expertise to safeguard your savings and the financial future of your entire family.


Why invest in 24K 999.9 physical gold?


Every gram set aside will increase in value more than the depreciation and will maintain its purchasing power.


Your future, your pension, your family, and the sacrifices you've made.


Your assets for your old age and then for your family members.


with the only secure medium to long-term investment.

Value growth.

It's not me saying this, but the certified data from Il Sole 24 Ore.

Why choose me

My specialist approach sets me apart in understanding the challenges entrepreneurs face in today’s complex fiscal landscape. I channel my energy into transferring my extensive experience from large corporations to SMEs, ensuring economic and fiscal benefits that go beyond what an accountant can offer.

For years, my expertise has been in the Safeguarding and Protection of Savings. I focus on 999.9 pure physical gold, seeing it as the perfect shield for entrepreneurs, the most vulnerable link in this system.

Working for a Metal Bank recognised by the Bank of Italy, every client of mine benefits from a bespoke savings plan. This is tailored not just to their current activity or saving potential but also provides a deep understanding of the economy they operate within and the uncertainties of the monetary and pension system.


My strategies for businesses not only safeguard company and personal assets but are designed to be fiscally robust. Whether you’re thriving or facing challenges, I have a solution for you.

And why invest in 999.9 24K physical gold?

The gold I offer boasts unparalleled features: it’s tangible, mobile, monetizable, and surpasses any other valuable asset like silver or diamonds. There are no hidden costs, taxes, or bureaucratic ties.

With my approach, I offer you more than just a simple online purchase. I make a personal commitment, meeting with entrepreneurs and families, to ensure that the savings plan is perfectly tailored to your needs, both now and in the future.

Over the years, I’ve continued to refine my skills, embracing the latest techniques in neuromarketing and human resource management, ensuring I always offer the best to my clients and my team.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re still unsure about reaching out to me, follow my guided path, subscribe to my newsletter, download my ebook on the history of gold, and request a free consultation.

Here on my site, you’ll find all the materials to independently build knowledge and avoid falling prey to someone who just wants to sell to earn a commission.

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History of Gold Investment from the Egyptians to the present day

Understanding  When, How, Why, and  Where about What (physical gold) is the starting point to be able to invest or save

They talk about us

SOme words about me

Roberto Pugno

My name is Roberto Pugno, a true Piedmontese raised among the evocative hills of Monferrato.

My family consists of my wife and a daughter, two pillars of my life.

After completing my studies in Accounting, I began working in a municipality thanks to a competition I won.

My thirst for knowledge did not stop there. While still employed, I embarked on a university course in Computer Science.

After obtaining my degree, I decided to leave the public sector, despite my parents’ reservations, to venture into the world of private companies.

My career first took me to a bank, and subsequently to hold a managerial role in an auditing firm specialized in consulting for large companies and banking institutions. This experience gave me a comprehensive view of the banking world, making me deeply understand its dynamics from both a savings and financial perspective.

I must admit, I was completely captivated by it.

My innate passion for the financial sector, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, meant that I never felt fully realized in a traditional role, no matter how prestigious.

From this need to fully express myself, my company was born: a software house specializing in business consulting, focused on management and financial applications.

I’ve had the privilege of working both in Italy and abroad, always for Italian clients, customizing each project according to the client’s specific needs.


Roberto Pugno

Gold has always held a central role in human history. This precious metal, with its unmistakable golden glow, has always symbolized wealth, power, and stability. But beyond these material considerations, gold has an intrinsic value tied to emotions, traditions, and the culture of a people. This is why gifting physical gold on special occasions like baptisms, first communions, confirmations, weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations can be a choice of great emotional and practical value.

  1. A Timeless Gift: Unlike many other assets, gold never loses its value over time. In fact, it often appreciates. By gifting a piece of gold jewelry or a gold bar, you’re offering something that can be cherished for generations, a tangible memory of a special moment or person.

  2. Appreciating Value: Gold is a safe-haven asset. Even in times of economic crisis or financial uncertainty, gold retains its value, making it a secure investment. A gold gift is not just a gesture of love, but also a safeguard for the recipient’s future.

  3. Versatility: Gold can be fashioned into countless forms: jewelry, coins, bullion. You can choose the type of gift based on the recipient’s personality and preferences, ensuring it’s something they’ll truly cherish.

  4. Universality: Gold is valued in every culture and across the globe. No matter where you are, a gold gift will always be considered of high value and significance.

5. Symbolism: Across cultures worldwide, gold is associated with concepts like purity, divinity, and success. By gifting gold on occasions like baptisms or weddings, you are offering your most sincere and potent wishes.

6. Personalization: Gold can be engraved or personalized, making your gift even more special and unique. You can add dates, names, or personal messages that will make your gift unforgettable.

7. Sustainability: Unlike many “disposable” gifts, gold has a minimal environmental impact. It doesn’t deteriorate and doesn’t produce waste, making it an eco-friendly choice.

8. Immediate Recognizability: There’s no need to explain or justify a gold gift. Its value and beauty speak for themselves, making it a gift that’s always appreciated.

9. Long-term Savings: While it might seem like a higher initial investment compared to other gifts, gold appreciates over time. In the long run, it could prove to be an economical choice.

10. Emotional Bond: Gold, with its eternal and precious nature, creates a special bond between the giver and the receiver. Every time the recipient looks at or wears that piece of gold, they’ll be reminded of you and the special moment you shared.

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